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The objective of this article is to give you a general feel of how to get set up, get started, and how to play WoW so you can begin and join in with the millions of other World of Warcraft players around the world and discover the thrill of the game for yourself!  You'll also find some great playing tips here too.

Here is an overview of the mechanics and processes on how to play WoW. First of all, ensure that your computer meets the basic requirements, then go ahead and download the game. Expansion packs such as "The Burning Crusade" and "Wrath of the Lich King" give the player additional content but are not essential and can be added later.

Starting World of Warcraft

After logging on, you will be asked to select a server. Choice of servers include "Normal," "PvP" and "RP." Most users will select "Normal".  "PvP" enables player-versus-player. "RP" enables role playing. RP servers include specific codes of conduct in addition to naming guidelines.Players should read and understand them well if selecting this server. Novice users, are generally recommended to choose the "Normal" option. You can always transfer your character to a different server after you are familiar and comfortable with the dynamics of the game. click here

Another thing to consider when choosing the server is its population. Unless you have a friend you want to join on a particular server, it is best to select "Medium" populated realms as are more likely to have a stable economy and not be overcrowded or deserted.


Creating your WoW Character

WoW gamers must select whether to be part of the Alliance of Horde faction. The next choice is the race and class you wish to adopt and represent. Read carefully the traits and strengths and weaknesses of each and choose thoughtfully.

Also take into consideration that some classes are more suited to level without the assistance of a group or guild.  If you are more inclined to work alone,  you could choose one of the pet classes like Warlocks and Hunters.

You also need to choose your professions.  Each character can have 2 Primary Professions and any number of Secondary Professions.  Again,  choose wisely as these will be an integral part of your characters success as you journey through the WoW game world.  Be sure to choose professions that are compatible with each other as well as with your chosen class.

Within the WoW game world

Once in, get familiar with the game's user interface. Use the WASD and arrow keys, and the mouse to move your player around. When you are familiar and comfortble with the controls, check out the action bar at the bottom left corner of the screen where you will find information on abilities and spells. There are also add-ons you can download to modify or enhance the default interface.

When you first enter the game world you should find a quest giver nearby. These Non-Player Characters (NPCs) with quests will have a yellow exclamation mark over their heads. You will also see these characters in the display map, on the upper right corner of the screen. After receiving your quest you can proceed to complete your mission and be rewarded with virtual items.

As you journey and explore, take note of the various colored question and exclamation marks you will see.  A couple of examples: a gray exclamation mark indicates that the NPC has a quest for you to execute once you have accomplished a required level. New flight paths are signified by Green exclamation marks.  Blue question marks indicate sustained collection quests.

WoW Playing Tips

To attack a character, right click on it. Use the action bar or the corresponding key on your keyboard to apply spells and abilities on them. Prior to continuing on to another zone, you should attempt to complete each mission in your current zone.

When you have reached level 10 you can enter the Warsong Gulch battleground, where 2 teams from the Alliance and the Horde play "Capture the Flag". It is recommended that you attain a level of 17 to 19 to be able to experience a considerable challenge.

There are some quests that dictate you should group together with other players to successfully complete the task. These quests are mostly dungeon quests. Be aware also that there are some challenging species that are are too difficult to defeat until you have reached a higher level than them. In order to defeat some of the more difficult creatures, you should gain help from other characters or guild mates. To find other players to form a guild with you can use the LFG (looking for group) tool.


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